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Under these conditions, concrete ceases to gain strength.

In general, the temperature of new concrete should not be allowed to fall below 50 Fahrenheit during the curing period.

You might also want to check with the contractor's license board website for your state or region.

Temperature extremes make it difficult to pour—or cast—and properly cure concrete.

Because autumn offers dryer days, this is the best time for casting concrete.

The Midwest The midwestern states are characterized by cold winters with snow, short springs, cool autumns, and hot, humid summers. Fall in the midwest offers the lowest humidity and most stable temperatures for casting concrete for outdoor projects like patios, driveways, and paths.

On hot days, too much water is lost by evaporation from newly placed concrete.

If the temperature drops too close to freezing, hydration slows to nearly a standstill.

This information holds true for do-it-yourself projects and for those built by and for those built by professional contractors and construction crews.

The Concrete Network provides information on the best times in the United States to pour concrete, including adjustments that will have to be made for each season.

You know where you live and the weather conditions that can occur during these months.

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Has it been known to dip below 50 degrees in April or May? If you can't recall just how unpredictable the weather can be or are new to a region, consult the trustworthy Farmer's Almanac, a weather website, or a local newspaper or community website.