Dating immediately watch world dating series

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Dating immediately

For both men and women this rule applies, don’t start planning your lives together on the first date!Your knowledge of serial killers, nude photography and road kill recipes are best left until you get to know the person better.A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of time so don’t blow your chances before you’ve even started.Avoid these conversation-killer topics and bag yourself that second date with ease.Your interest may be perfectly healthy and intellectual but they don’t you well enough yet to make that distinction.

Don’t start talking about how much you earn and never ask how much your date earns.

Discussing how much you spent on your handbag or the dress you’re wearing is a no-no as well.

Talking about yours or asking why they spilt up with theirs is off-topic.

No one wants to hear about exes and certainly not when trying to impress someone new.

Mention your ex and it will put a downer on your first date that will be hard to shake.

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5 year plan conversations should definitely be shelved until further notice.

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