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In fact the task of match making is quite a number of times carried out by priests, religious leaders, trusted relatives, family friends, etc.In older times, the bride and the groom were neither asked for their consent, nor were they informed about the partner.This makes it easy for both of them to open up and also facilitates interaction and understanding.The marriage ceremony is highly formal is case of an arranged marriage, with the groom's family playing to the gallery.The marriage is conducted in strict accordance with the Vedic rites and rituals.In the process, it even curtails the phenomena of courtship.The other people involved in the arrangement of the marriage can be parents, match making agents, matrimonial sites or a trusted third party.The process begins with practices like matching the horoscope of the couple for checking the compatibility, the background of the families and their castes.

Before marriage, an engagement ceremony is commenced to ensure that the accord between the two families is finalized.I the modern society, the by and the girl are allowed to hold restricted meetings and conversations before marriage.Honeymoon Planning Wedding Budget Wedding Car Decoration Wedding Centerpieces Wedding Decoration Wedding Favors Wedding Food Wedding Invitation Cards Wedding Photography Wedding Planners Wedding Shoppping Wedding Stage Wedding Venue Assamese Wedding Bengali Wedding Buddhist Wedding Christian Wedding Gujarati Wedding Hindu Wedding Jain Wedding Jewish Marriage Kannada Wedding Kashmiri Wedding Maharashtrian Wedding Marwari Wedding Muslim Wedding Oriya Wedding Parsi Wedding Punjabi Wedding Sikh Wedding Sindhi Wedding Tamil Wedding Telugu Wedding Arranged marriages have been an integral part of the Indian society since ages.Basically a marriage is termed as arranged when it is arranged by people other than those getting married.However, with the evolution of time, the society has also undergone a significant change.

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