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Contract for teens before dating

Parents and Teens Contract: Cell Phone Use I know that having a cell phone to use is a privilege. I know that I am required to contribute to the cost of my cell phone. Mom and Dad will pay for phone insurance and minutes.

I respect that my parents love me and want to keep me safe. (Jill’s note: it cost us /month to add the phone to our family plan and we did not have to increase our minutes.) 3.

And with our two teens at home, we’ve found that contracts work quite well.

I first learned about the concept of contracts when co-authoring the book Got Teens? The Farrel’s had used contracts with their three boys.

When my kids were little we used chore charts with stars to motivate and hold our kids accountable to carry out their home responsibilities.

As they’ve grown older, we found the need for a new strategy.

My parents respect that I am becoming a young adult and want the privilege of having the use of a cell phone primarily for safety purposes when I’m driving and away from home. I will remember what usage is allowed with our cell phone plan and I will not go over the limits of that usage. My cell phone must be turned off at 9pm each school night and 10pm in the summer and Friday and Saturday nights.

So this week we’ve drawn up two contracts, one for driving and one for the cell phone.

This can happen even if I have contributed to the cost of the cell phone plan. I will not use my cell phone to take pictures of nudity, violence or other unallowed instances.

(Jill’s note: we learned from experience that allowing them to recharge their phone at night in their bedroom is too tempting for late night usage.) 4.

I agree that if I am unable to keep up with my responsibilities, the use of my cell phone can be taken away from me.

We’ve adopted the concept and found it very helpful with homework, cell phones, driving, dating, and more.

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As of last week, Kolya now has his driver’s license.

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