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I am also looking into loan forgiveness programs if possible.I aim to apply for Teacher Loan Forgiveness since this is my fourth year teaching in Title I schools (however, I received Americorps funds for 2 years, so I guess those don't count toward the five years anyway).I'm also looking into Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and can I go on an income-based repayment plan for that?Is it also true that consolidating federal loans may take away some of the benefits of possible forgiveness?I've gotten a refinancing offer from ELFI, and I've heard about So Fi and Lend Key as well.

I've been making standard repayments on all of them so far.

My loan payments were deferred during grad school, so most of my loans started repayment last year, and one just started a few months ago.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience with these or other banks?

I just want to know what to look out for in regard to the terms of these offers and not get roped into something that ends up as a financial blunder (hence why I am asking here).

I am a teacher and I have my master's degree, but my loan payments are obviously taking up the majority of my monthly teaching income.

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I have about $125k in student loans, $40k is in federal loans and the rest are private loans.

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