Christian views dating mating

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Christian views dating mating

Check out our list of the top 20 things to look for in a soul mate.It dives deep into the sorts of things that make us into the people we are today.While you read through the points below, remember that some of them will be immediately apparent, but others may take weeks or months to learn.Some items will be deal breakers for you, and others may not worry you at all.Many people claim the title of Christian without actually believing anything related to Jesus.Does your date have faith in God, themselves, or just plain hard work.

Also, don’t forget to get God involved in your decisions.

When it comes to things like love and marriage, being with someone who shares the same faith is essential.

No one has ever said that dating should get more difficult.

In fact, the one thing everyone wants to find is a way to make it easier.

He may use the things on this list to help you turn away from a bad situation, or he may just use it to help you be aware of what you could be getting yourself into.

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Since His second coming probably won’t be to tell us who we should marry, we need to rely on the wealth of information we have here on Earth, plus a solid amount of prayer and discernment.

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