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Christian men dating non christian

I’m speaking from my experience of managing to stay sexually pure; it’s not meant to be a legalistic list of dos or don’ts.So please read it for what it is—advice from your sister in Christ.But had I told them what they should do if they fell in love or started being attracted to a non-Christian man? I’d failed to give them practical advice, and knowing that makes me feel physically ill.

This advice is designed for Christian women who are single, not Christian women who are married to non-believers.Furthermore, it’s written with the assumption that, as a Christian who loves Jesus, you know that God’s word says marrying a non-Christian inadvisable and having sex before marriage is wrong.Recognizing that you’re attracted to someone can actually be helpful for avoiding sin because you know that that person is a temptation.When you know that a man is a temptation for you, respond by asking God to deliver you from that temptation.The other day, I received a text message from a non-Christian friend of mine. I think you’re really sexy & intelligent, and I think sex before marriage is fine. Do you want to catch up for lunch or dinner this week? When I recovered, I messaged back, apologizing if I had done anything to give him the idea I wanted to be anything more than friends.

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I wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with this particular non-Christian man. I’d spent years as a youth group leader telling teenage girls not to have sex before marriage and not to date or marry non-Christians.

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