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Chat rooms sussex sex

Which is perfectly fne, but doesn't make a different opinion wrong... Btw I expect a pedo would be perfectly happy watching young children in tiny costumes as well, so maybe better avoid the pool altogether?

The swimming pool manager insists this is ok and they are only following child safety rules. I don't think I'd be happy with my daughter of six or seven seeing men full on nude, considering they would probably be safe enough in the ladies changing room to get ready quickly on there own at that age.

There are family changing cubicles available but staff say fathers with their daughters don't have to use them. I'd make sure they had there costume on under there clothes so they didn't have to be in there too long on there own or like you said use the family changing room. If you were a grown man getting changed in a changing room would you feel comfortable being nude and seeing a young girl that's in the nude as well?

How do you know everyone in the changing room is a dad?

Sorry but if my daughter went swimming with her dad I would be mad if he sent her off to the female changing rooms on her own! I would much happier knowing she is safe with her dad than sending her off on her own!

Oh an I also have two boys so same situation reversed I make them come with me to the female changing room as there's no way there going into the men's on there own! so maybe we should just lock up our children until they grow up?

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Xx Unless you also have a problem with young boys changing with their mums, then you are just sexist. Their dad is there, nothing is going to happen to the girls. Yes I get that to but by the sounds of it it's just one guy an his daughter so he would probably feel a bit silly asking for a family room for the two of them? so maybe we should just lock up our children until they grow up?

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