Blackbook sex chat

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Blackbook sex chat

Fortunately for the self-confessed mummy’s boy, his jungle romance has the seal of approval back in Essex.Arg says: “Carol, Mark’s mum, would love him to bring Emily home after the show finishes.And Mark, who shot to fame on ITV2 reality show The Only Way Is Essex, sticks to such a rigid chat-up script that, watching back home in the UK, Arg was able mouth his best mate’s words as he delivered them.Wedding singer Arg, 23, says: “I knew the second Emily walked in he’d try and charm her. He had this grin which comes out when he’s about to start flirting.From the age of 15, when he met his first girlfriend, he has never, ever been knocked back by a woman.” Mark’s growing fondness for Aussie star Emily, 28, has been the big talking point of this series.The hit ITV1 show has had 11 million viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see how the big romance would pan out after Mark bombarded the blonde with compliments and chat-up lines.

If Kate Middleton walked into a room, he’d try to pull her from Prince William.” Arg continues: “Mark’s really superstitious – he’s got a bit of a routine whenever he needs to gather some courage together before making his move.“He makes a weird symbol with his hands where he makes a cross sign with his fingers and then licks his thumbs.I don’t know where it came from but he’s done it whenever he’s nervous for as long as I can remember.“Then he goes up to the girl, introduces himself, compliments her and flashes a smile.I’m A Celebrity fans may have groaned in disbelief at the cheesy chat-up lines Mark Wright used to charm glamour model Emily Scott – but one viewer knew line for line what was coming next.

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Best friend James “Arg” Argent has been the 24-year-old Essex lothario’s wingman since the pair met in their teens.

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