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Best bulgarian dating sites

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If you are an expat in Bulgaria or just have a holiday home here and would like to chat with your friends, colleagues and neighbours; If you are in love with a Bulgarian and would like to surprise him/her with some romantic phrases in Bulgarian language; If you are engaged to Bulgarian partner and would like to understand what your mother-in-law murmurs; If you would like to acquire a driving licence or apply for Bulgarian citizenship and have to pass the language test; If you are running a business in Bulgaria and don`t want to rely on interpreters anymore; If your kids were born abroad and have no chance to learn and practice their mother tongue; If you are a professional translator, a linguist or just have a passion for foreign languages and would like to go deep into the lingo; If you are planning holidays in Bulgaria and would like to be able to cope with waiters, receptionists and taxi drivers; If you are a missionary, sent by your church on a mission to Bulgaria and you need to preach in Bulgarian language; If you would like to study at Bulgarian university and don`t want to waste a whole academic year in expensive group tuition; If you have fallen in love with our fascinating folk songs and chain dances, amazing nature and world-famous yoghurt, traditional customs and delicious cuisine; If you have been struggling in vain to learn the lingo alone with teach-yourself books and CDs, Byki flashcards and Livemocha language exchange, Then you have finally come across the right place for you.

Why don`t you book a free trial lesson with one of our experienced tutors and see how it works?!

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