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Back in Black is the seventh studio album by Australian rock band AC/DC.

There were more offenders than victims because 10.7% of homicides had two offenders and 10.0% had three or more offenders convicted. Based on the data on the victims, that means young, Black males are primarily killing other young, Black males. Now, we can and should debate about the causes, but let us just say that it’s hard to believe that racism is the root of it.

Victims by Age: Victims by Race: What stands out the most looking at both charts and knowing that 90% of the victims are male is that a lot of young, Black men are being killed in Chicago.

No race comes even close to overall deaths by homicide.

Keep in mind that based on 2010 Census numbers, only 33% of Chicago's population was classified as Black.

OFFENDERS In 2011, there were 140 convicted offenders for the 128 victims with an associated prosecution. Offenders by Age: Offenders by Race: The data on offenders also tells a troubling story: Young, Black males are overwhelmingly committing most of the murders.

It's not that there isn't culture, it's whether or not it is the type that truly promotes human flourishing.

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Watching videos like the one below, our hearts go out to any mom or dad (hopefully, both) trying to raise a child right in such carnage.