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Bad dating pictures

Rather than talk about how doomed we are, we figured it was time to kinda embrace a "Trump-ified" America with this gallery of celebrities with Donald Trump Hair. Thanks to the interwebs and photoshop, all of our Star Wars casting dreams are now a reality. What would 'Seinfeld' look like if the entire cast were fluffy and had tiny little claws? This is a pretty accurate representation of how the internet feels about having to choose between these two candidates today. The good news for Hillary is that even if the whole president thing doesn't happen, she could easily be Carrot Top's sidekick in... It's election day and whether you're a Trump supporter or a Hillary "okay whatever" supporter, we thought we'd get you prepped for it internet style with these funny Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton memes.So on Monday I told you how to look better in photos, especially for use in your online dating profiles. sometimes it’s good to test my advice against the real world.If you have a dead fish lying around the house, make sure you take a picture with it and upload it to your Tinder or Bumble profile immediately. ( Today you'll see the world's chillest baby, the photoshop diet and more proof that seeing is believing. I don't know about you, but this is a question that's plagued me for the last decade and thankfully Mashable is here with a visual answer to that question. Regardless of who you think you're going to vote for, you can't deny that Hill-Dog and Trumpy D ha Whether it's George A.You'll also see Trillary, Taylor Swift holding her latest album and Robert Downey Jr. Oh, and you'll also discover the perfect way to exercise this...

This is a reminder to all the single kids out there looking for true love. Basically, it's another version of The Talking Dead.

I have no idea, but I do know that America ain't got nothing on Russia when it comes to amazingly bizarre dating profile photos. Romero's zombies or Robert Kirkman's zombies, one thing is always certain — humanity suffers greatly during zombie outbreaks. Stephen Morse, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, to walk us through how public health officials would attempt to stop a potential zombie apocalypse in its tracks.

To get you properly prepped for Election Day 2016, we decided to pay our respects to "Hilldog" with a collection of her funniest facial expressions over the years.

It's Star Wars recast with the internet's favorite celebrities.

It’s a disservice to yourself because when we meet you in person, trust me — people can tell.

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However you look —There’s something very unsettling about seeing a strange man without pants on, yet people seem to think that it’s totally OK to post these kinds of photos on their online profiles.

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