Avril and chad kroeger dating

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Avril and chad kroeger dating

After months of speculation as to when their "secret" wedding would go down, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger skipped off to the South of France on July 1, 2013, to tie the knot in front of close friends and family.

obtained exclusive pics of Avril and Ryan at a pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, speculation ran rampant about the pair's relationship status because everyone knows pumpkin picking in October is a MANDATORY outing for all couples.

Maybe these two are tired of keeping their relationship on the down low, or maybe they really are “just friends” — with kissing and cuddling benefits.

Either way we think they make a really great pair and we hope to see more of them together very soon!

Not to mention the twosome are both musicians who found fame in the early 2000s — we bet they'd have a lot to talk about! Cabrera is the proud boyfriend of Katie Krause, an entertainment reporter.

But wait, there's one small problem about this alleged pairing…

Eyewitnesses who spotted the famous pair dining claim they were very “cozy” with one another, and that they were “cuddly” and even “kissed” a few times throughout their meal.

Though Ryan is in the Big Apple as party of the My2K tour, it’s unclear why Avril was there — unless she came to town to support him!

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Considering the singer recently split from Chad Kroeger, the timing for the match-up is perfect.

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