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Sad to say that even the official SSS website doesn’t have a concrete clear guide for Filipinos who are members of the SSS and for this, I am looking forward to help in my own small way by searching through the internet and using Google Search to find relevant and useful information to feature here at Internet Philippines. SSS Form CLD 13A (Affidavit for Death Claim, if claimant is a secondary beneficiary) 7. If deceased member is married, marriage certificate of deceased member, issued by NSO or certified by the Local Civil Registrar 11.

Eventually, I am looking forward to establish a brand that will stick to the mind of my blog visitors that this website was put up to help people and to provide important classified and practical tips and information that aims to guide them. SSS Form CLD 13 (Joint affidavit, if claimant is a legal heir) 8. If deceased member has minor child or children, birth certificates of minor and children, certified by the Local Civil Registrar or issued by NSO 12.

Don’t worry, you may not opt in to download it, just click on to view more details that may help you on your processing of the death benefit or funeral claim.

This glossary includes the content from the ISOGG DNA Newbie Glossary which was previously published on the main ISOGG website (for reference see the version preserved in the Internet Archive in August 2014).

The ISOGG DNA Newbie Glossary was compiled on , revised on 13 January 2008, and last updated on 7 December 2009.

Today I went online again only to find so many comments on a post I wrote a couple of months ago regarding a comprehensive guide on . If deceased member has a child with permanent disability, birth certificate of child with disability, certified by the Local Civil Registrar or issued by NSO 14.

It seems that this is not enough as I was not able to find the comprehensive list of requirements for this particular claim for Pinoys to completely use my information to their advantage. If single, the deceased member’s birth certificate and marriage certificate of the parents, certified by the Local Civil Registrar, or issued by NSO 15.

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