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Askmen dating advice tips

A lot of us tend to slowly drift away from past friends when we're in a long-term relationship, let alone a marriage.

Sometimes it happens very slowly, over the course of years.

We hope the advice in this guide will help things go down a little easier for you.

In economics, a sunk cost is past investment that has already been paid and cannot be recovered.

The sooner, however, you can recognize your marriage as a sunk cost, the sooner you can move on.

Now that you're single again, it's a great time to reflect on some of your friendships that you might have neglected and reach out.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to derive value from poor investments we often try to justify or invest further despite it not being in our best interests.

It's why we pour needless money into poor purchases of cars or homes that require constant repairs.

It's why we cancel better plans and drag ourselves to a restaurant we didn't want to go to because we bought a Groupon.

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