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Davis and Spencer-Hartle said UNR is pushing to restrict redevelopment only in parts of Portland dominated by single-family homes.

These areas typically begin a block or so away from the city’s commercial corridors.

“The overwhelming feeling is that the urban growth boundary is a good idea,” said Davis.“People are buying small houses for 0,000, 0,000,” he said. In an interview Monday, Spencer-Hartle called that language “an oversight” and said its backers aren’t actually objecting to the new apartment buildings on some of Portland’s commercial corridors.“They get it that density needs to live somewhere, and I think they get it that density needs to live along our corridors,” Spencer-Hartle said.“We’re not going to have room to add more units to those neighborhoods unless they cease to be neighborhoods,” Spencer-Hartle said.UNR developed out of a series of neighborhood association summits this spring, summer and fall.

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Another supporter of the proposal, Brandon Spencer-Hartle of historic preservation nonprofit Restore Oregon, said such projects are becoming common in the hot housing market of Portland’s most walkable and bikeable neighborhoods. And they’re selling it for $750,000.” The resolution signed by Davis and 31 of the city’s 95 neighborhood associations calls on the city, in line 2a, to “limit the mass, footprint, setbacks, and height of construction to that of the average of existing homes within a specified distance.” If the “specified distance” were more than a couple blocks, of course, the effect of such a rule would be to effectively prevent density increases on anything except empty lots.

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